Hi! I’m Kirsten and welcome to Live & Yogi. I’m a student at Michigan State University who loves art, the beach and I have a strong urge to travel the world. I center my life around my love for living a happy, healthy and simplistic lifestyle. I’m a firm believer in living a life that you want to live; make your life a story worth telling. Changing my lifestyle and nurturing my body has truly changed my life. Practicing yoga as much as I can and eating nutritious food are truly what make my soul happy.

What made me want to start Yoga? As I was growing up, my changing body caused me to develop scoliosis. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s when there is an abnormal curve in ones spine. The curvature can vary from small curve to a pretty intense curve that can be noticeable. My spine had changed dramatically from growing taller through my middle school years. My spine is shaped like an “S”. I went to doctors who specialized in scoliosis to keep track of how intense my curve was and to also see if it got worse over the years. As soon as I got into high school my doctor said I was pretty much done growing and that I didn’t need to worry about it. However, as my high school years went on playing Varsity volleyball and staying active put a lot of strain on my back and caused me a lot of pain. It got to the point where people would ask my Mom if I had been to doctors because the curve in my spine was noticeable when I was wearing my jersey during games. I loved the game of volleyball and always kept a positive attitude while working through the pain. After I graduated I felt like I needed to go back to the doctor and see if there was anything I could do to relieve the pain, or even worse maybe the curve was bad enough to get surgery. I went to the hospital at the University of Michigan to see one of the best back doctors in the state. After receiving my results, great news came back that I didn’t have to get surgery but unfortunately there always will be minor back pain whenever I’m active. She recommended that I strengthen my core to help release some of the pressure that I put onto my back and that a great way to do so would be to practice yoga for the rest of my life. Click here to learn more about how yoga can help with curvature in the spine.

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